New Apple TV revealed, gaming rumours true

new apple tvYesterday, at Apple’s media briefing, the new Apple TV was revealed, and as rumoured, has a focus on the gaming market, with developers already announcing games for the platform.

Releasing at an unspecified date in October of this year, the new Apple TV does what it has always done, but now lets you play games on your tv through it. The new Apple TV comes with a brand new remote that features a touchpad, a microphone and built-in accelerators and gyroscope.

A handful of games were also revealed during the briefing, and these will include Rayman Adventures, Disney Infinity, Guitar Hero, Shadowmatic, Crossy Road and more. Harmonix and Tilting Point have also revealed a new game called Beat Sports, which is a collection of music-infused mini-games based loosely on familiar sports like tennis, volleyball, and golf.

apple tv uiThe base model will cost $149—more than twice the price of the current model—and will have 32 GB of storage. A 64 GB version will cost $199.

While it won’t necessarily rival other gaming platforms, it’s a step in the right direction for Apple, and shows their commitment to the gaming market. We’re curious to see what comes next.

[Source: Tech Crunch]

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