We need a good Hide and Seek online game

Hide and seekVideo games give us the chance to play out what we used to enjoy doing when we were younger. Whether that was pretending to be cowboys and indians, jumping off sofas pretending to be WWF/WWE stars or even pretending to be the Power Rangers or the Turtles, we can do it all now in various video games. We even put cardboard on the wheels of our bikes to sound like motorbikes. We were a creative bunch. One childhood game that I used to love has never really been replicated in video game form is Hide and Seek.

Picture the scene: You’re in a closed off office space or street, or even a department store filled with shelves and checkouts. One person stands facing the wall for 30 seconds while the other amount of players run and hide. The game would be first or third person, with responsive controls, a cover system, and a button for spotting, so that the person on the search team can reveal the hider and have them eliminated.

Friday and Saturday nights online with friends would be buckets of innocent fun, with each being able to reminisce over the good times of childhood. Why not let players make and share their own maps too? Endless possibilities, and you could recreate your own street or house or old workplace where you may have thought ‘this would have been great a great hiding spot or Hide and Seek area when I was younger’.

While researching possible existing Hide and Seek video games, I came across a title called Prop Hunt, which was built as a mod for Team Fortress 2 and then added to Garry’s Mod. In it, the hiders can become a prop, and can move around as one. The hunters have to shoot the prop/person to eliminate them. However, if they shoot falsely at another object, they take health damage, which helps them limit their fire. A nice little touch! The video below shows it in action, and it looks brilliant. Why not add a Prop Hunt-like feature to this non-existent Hide and Seek online game?

It could be the most light-hearted, frantic but fun multiplayer game out there. Available to all ages, or, if you really want, have the ability to hunt people down as the Grim Reaper, Slenderman, Jason or another famous hunter type.

Throw in a game mode similar to tag or Infection from Halo, where the hider who is caught also joins the search team. A few varying game modes would just make it more fun and addictive. Sharing our childhood games with our modern, grown up friends that we game with online.

Maybe I’m just childish at heart, or maybe I just think that a Hide and Seek video game would be one of the most memorable experiences in online gaming. Do you have any other suggestions to add to this, or know of any other games that include a Hide and Seek mode or a full Hide and Seek game available to play?

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