Need for Speed’s Ventura Bay to be twice the size of Rivals’ world

need for speedOn Monday, we were greeted to gameplay footage of EA’s latest installment of Need for Speed, returning after a year of absence, and returning to midnight street racing action. The action will unfold on the fictional streets of Ventura Bay, with various environments to explore and race on, whether industrial estates, harbours or neighbourhoods.

EA have announced that the game world of Need for Speed will be “roughly twice the size of Need for Speed Rivals”, and will be packed full of life. “From the tightly packed streets of downtown, where you seek out that perfect donut spot, to the sweeping valley roads where high speed and long drifts are the norm. Race through the industrial district with your crew in tow or seek the thrill of the chase within police hotspots.”

During E3, we received a nice glimpse of the customisation options for the cars, and I’m hoping that this system and diversity will be in place for all available vehicles. I was particularly interested in the way car modifications were implemented in Need for Speed Carbon, letting you adjust various aspects of the car’s cosmetic features using sliders to adjust height and width.

Need for Speed will be releasing on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in early November. Add that to your growing shopping cart of games for 2015!


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