Need for Speed Launch Trailer

need for speedNeed for Speed makes its return after taking a break last year following the release of Rivals. A new launch trailer has been released, with the game only a few days away, due on November 3rd.

The trailer sets the tone for the anarchy and action that will soon take place in Ventura Bay, the game’s world this time around. Promising to be twice the size of the location found in Need for Speed Rivals, this reboot aims to return to the glory days of street racing at night, with the cops in tow. Need for Speed gives you the choice of pursuing one or all of a list of disciplines, whether that’s style, speed, notoriety or car modding. Each discipline in the game features its own champion, who you will try to impress throughout your ‘career’.

Car customisation is a big deal in this Need for Speed, with a gorgeous suite of tools and features to play around with. Another awesome feature of this is that your car, no matter how you choose to customise it, will appear in the cinematics exactly as you made it. The live action actors will talk to you as if you’re in the room with them, and seeing your car right there will certainly help immerse you in the game.

Need for Speed will be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as of November 3rd, with a PC release coming in early 2016. Those with EA Access on the Xbox can play the game now, making use of the 10 hour trial.

[Source: Youtube]

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