Need for Speed Cars & Customization trailer

need for speedEA have released a new trailer for upcoming reboot, Need for Speed, showing off the car customization options that will be available to you. Promising “the most authentic customization in Need for Speed’s history, turn a car from stock to stock plus awesome, in the blink of an eye”.

The tools offered are rather impressive, and the options available for body work modification give even Forza Motorsport a run for its money. Where Forza lets you paint a car from top to bottom, Need for Speed will offer a similar, but more limited selection of tools, but more in the way of body kits and adjustable features. The trailer below details it better, so give it a watch to see for yourself.

Performance options are also available, allowing you to switch out parts in your car, including suspension, cams, ECU, nitrous and turbo, as well as sliders to modify the handling of your vehicle, to make it more in line with a racing car, or a drift king. The choice is completely yours.

Need for Speed will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One from November 3rd, with the PC version delayed until spring 2016.

[Source: Youtube]

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