NBA 2K16 servers not up to scratch for pro tournament

nba 2k16Last week, one of our personal friends took part in a 2K hosted NBA 2K16 tournament, with a massive prize pot to be won. Adam is one of the best players on the game, known to many as ||GQ|| on Xbox One. Load up NBA 2K16 and you’ll see his name in lights on the front screen. This is his story.

Bro, let me tell you what happened to me last weekend. As you know I’m one of the top park players in NBA 2k16, I’m the number 2 ranked player in my park. Being one of the top dudes in the game comes with popularity which in turn means a lot of guys want to play with you.. I met four guys that started a pro-am team which if you won the tournament, was a grand prize of $250,000 (divided up between five players) and a trip to the NBA FINALS.. So I said hell yeah..

Man, over the course of qualifying our record was 40 wins and 0 losses. 0 losses!!! When we qualified we went 10-0 and I was the leading scorer of the tournament. The average margin of victory was 37 points.. We were the favorites of the tournament even being in first place votes on the 2K16 Twitter page as to who was going to win.

nba 2k16 adam
These are the stats I lead in blocks rebounds and dunks

Now let me stop for a second and tell you that before the tournament, there was an outcry for 2K to do something about guys quitting in the middle of games to help their teammates by making their players be taken control of by the CPU. When that happens, it makes their player 10 times better, so 2K warned the community that if one of your teammates or yourself quit, your team will automatically be subject to forfeit..

We didn’t have a problem with that because we knew we were the best team in the tournament.. So we made it to the semifinals, we had just won our quarterfinals match-up by 52 points.. We were on a roll. It was the 4th quarter of our semifinal match-up. We were up 47 points, I had 30 of our points along with 25 rebounds 10 assist and 7 blocks, when out of nowhere the Point guard of my team gets the connection error message and it kicks him out the game!!

nba 2k16 adam
This is NBA 2K16 rank, position number 2

One of the other players on the team reported it and we were disqualified. Now it is well known in the 2K community how bad their online servers are.. They’re terrible. For every 10 games I play I get kicked out of the next one.. With 2K knowing this you would think they would do something to prevent this from happening. I mean this is the chance of a lifetime and for something like this to happen to me bro is just ridiculous, especially to me being really an ambassador for the game in some sorts being one of the top players. You would think they’d want me in their final game..

The whole 2K community both XBOX ONE & PLAYSTATION 4 knew who was going to win voting us the favorite on Twitter.. As it is, they owe me my $20 back for making the final game of a single player tournament 2 months ago that I made it to.. I beat out over 30,000 players to make it the final game and they didn’t even play the final game cause the guy I was supposed to play couldn’t make it..

nba 2k16 adam
That’s my record and 700 of those losses are from connection errors..

The winner of this tournament would have won an awesome prize that included every 2K game release in 2017. Who would say no to that?! Due to the tournament being disbanded, Adam was then only entitled to a copy of WWE 2K16, which he has still yet to receive.

Really 2K why in god’s name did you not do the same here? There are a lot of 2K Youtubers including myself who are promising to not play 2K17 if they do not something about their online servers.. It was a big problem in 2K15 and it has carried over.. I love the game of basketball and I love playing the video game but what happened to me and my teammates may permanently sway me away and back to FIFA…

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