NBA 2K16 Doubling Digital Sales of 2K15

NBA_2K16_anthony_davisIt is safe to say that 2K Games are happy with how NBA 2K16 is selling, setting a franchise record by selling over 4 million units to stores in a week.

While that isn’t to consumer, it gives us a good estimate of its demand, but if you want an idea how well it is selling to gamers, NBA 2K16 has doubled the digital sales of its predecessor in the same period, with nearly triple the games played online.

Many NBA fans have enjoyed the game quite a bit, with many preferring it quite a bit over the EA Sports titles. Since the 2K series came about it quickly became a favourite among basketball fans, definitely loosening the choke hold EA have had in that area, and giving them a serious competitor. This is only a good thing for basketball fans, giving them choice as well as pushing some innovation in these kinds of games.

The game was developed by Visual Concepts for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One. No doubt they are delighted to see their game doing so well… unless they are serious masochists and derive pleasure from their own punishment… Which I’m fairly sure they aren’t.

Are you enjoying NBA 2K16? What are your thoughts on it over the EA titles? Or do you prefer the EA titles? Let us know in the comments!

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