Naughty Dog Without Uncharted is a “Difficult Step”

UnchartedSony Computer Entertainment Europe president Jim Ryan spoke to EuroGamer at Paris Game Week addressing whether or not the Uncharted series could continue without Naughty Dog at the helm.

Naturally, what was asked is a tough question to answer, especially when the developers worked on the games for 10 years almost, and Ryan says because of that it would be “a difficult step to break [the] association” between Naughty Dog and Uncharted.

“[Uncharted is] an IP that’s very closely tied to that developer. That’s all I’ll say. It’s something that’s very special to us, and I think much of that specialness relates to the association between the franchise and [Naughty Dog]. It’d be a difficult step to break that association.”

Naughty Dog have made statements quite regularly suggesting this will be the last game in the series, though have yet to say whether or not this will in fact be the final Uncharted, at least in their eyes.

In October Neil Drunkmann said that Uncharted 4 is the “end of an era” for the studio, having worked on the series for a decade.

I he said. “We’ve been with this franchise for almost ten years now from inception all the way to this point. Luckily, we don’t get too much time to dwell on that feeling because we’re so busy, but every once in a while… you know?”

Whether it is the last Uncharted or just that Naughty Dog aren’t developing it, it’s a tough thing to see such a beloved franchise to many move on. While I don’t see the franchise ending anytime soon, I think Naughty Dog should move on, rather than get drained, and let someone new take the helm and bring in some new ideas. What are your thoughts though? Let us know in the comments!

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