Naughty Dog Teased The Last of Us: Part 2 and we never noticed

The Last of Us 2One of the biggest and best reviewed games in PlayStation history is The Last of Us. Many fans have been asking for a sequel for years but Naughty Dog have been busy with Uncharted and other unspecified games but on September 26th this year which is dubbed “Outbreak Day” which In the lore of The Last of Us, September 26 represents the day the Cordyceps virus reached critical mass and disastrous day in the game world. However, also on this day, Naughty Dog teased The Last of Us: Part Two and nobody even noticed. 

On September 26th, Naughty Dog shared a picture of an arm, with a knife, butterflies, flowers and other bits. Little did we know but the flowers and such on the arm would infact be Ellie’s tattoo that we all saw when Sony debuted The Last of Us: Part Two as the PlayStation Experience this month.

The last of us 2

Suffice to say, nobody would have guessed but Naughty Dog did dangle it right infront of us and absolutely nobody picked up on it. Since The Last of Us: Part Two has been announced, fan theories have been running wild and hype has shot through the roof. Some fans are also saying that a sequel isn’t needed as the first game ended perfectly but Naughty Dog have asked the fans to put their trust in them and they’ll deliver a game fans  won’t be disappointed with and let’s face it, Naughty Dog hasn’t disappointed yet.

No release date has been announced or even mentioned for The Last of Us: Part Two but I’d say its a safe bet to expect it sometime in 2018.




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