Naughty Dog accidentally let slip another The Last of Us is in the works

Naughty Dog the last of usDid you play the first The Last of Us? Did you ever refer to it as the first The Last of Us? Well Naughty Dog’s Josh Scherr said it in a Nathan Drake Collection livestream yesterday, making things awkward as he tried to justify what he meant.

In the video below, you can hear the slip taking place, followed up by the staff trying to pass it off as referring to the Left Behind DLC which came included with the Remastered Edition on PlayStation 4. Body language says it all, as he realised he said something he shouldn’t have.

It would be silly for Naughty Dog to leave the potential series to rest, although many would argue that it makes for a great one-off story, and doesn’t need a sequel or even a prequel. We’ll let you guys be the decider.

In the meantime, fans on PlayStation 4 can look forward to The Nathan Drake Collection on October 7th, with a demo coming on September 29th, to let you witness the visual upgrades for yourself. The collection will include the game’s story campaigns from the three titles, while multiplayer has been cut out completely.

[Source: Youtube]

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