That N64 emulator for Xbox One has unsurprisingly been taken down

n64 nintendo 64Remember seeing people raving about that N64 emulator for Xbox One since the weekend? Well guess what! Microsoft have done the expected, and have taken it down. However, if you were one of the fortunate, or optimistic ones to buy it for its price of £7.69, then you can keep it.

The N64 emulator, known as Win64e10 would allow you to play any illegally acquired Nintendo 64 roms and save them from your PC to your Microsoft One Drive account. Within the app, you could access and play said roms. Players have been uploading videos of the emulator in action and it does the job. It doesn’t modify the visuals or sound, but it allows you to relive your childhood.

Microsoft have since removed the app, similarly to how they removed the NESBOX app earlier in the month, which allowed the emulation of Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Genesis/Megadrive titles.

It’s unlikely we’ll ever see a fully supported emulator on any console platform, even if the likes of the Universal Windows Platform app makes it easier than ever on the Xbox platform itself. Emulation is a dodgy premise, and while good for the gamer, it isn’t great for our favourite developers. Just go and buy yourself a Nintendo 64 and a few games this Christmas. You’ve earned it.

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