My thoughts on the whole Jimmy Kimmel controversy

Jimmy Kimmel has sure become a focus of attention in the gaming communityIf you’ve been browsing the internet for the past week, you may have heard that a famous TV comedian known as Jimmy Kimmel, recently mocked the “Let’s Play” community on Youtube. Of course, this has attracted the collective wrath of countless internet users, which is no surprise considering how big the gaming community is on Youtube.


Unsurprisingly, many of the people that saw the sketch decided to write very angry messages to Jimmy, which he didn’t seem to take seriously, the latest development is that two popular Youtube channels: Markiplier and Missesmae tried to help the TV show host get a better understanding of this culture. I have decided to leave my two cents on this whole issue.

I believe that as a community, we are long past the point where we get angry about what some old guy on television thinks about our hobby, sure, It’s alright to feel offended at what he said or showed, but that’s no excuse to send him threats or messages loaded with cuss words.

Besides, It’s not the first time someone makes fun of the gaming community, and it certainly won’t be the last, so here’s a small piece of advise: Ignore them. Really, It’s the best advice when it comes to these people, people already tried sending tons of Hate-mail and look how that ended up.

There are worse people than Jimmy Kimmel, people that instead of making fun of gaming, have a campaign against it, and try to paint gamers as bad people.

Jack Thompson is an example of this, with how he often campaigned against the Grand Theft Auto games, trying to make them look as some sort of virtual training for real life murderers, a claim that anyone who has played Grand Theft Auto once in their life can refute easily.

Fox News is another example, when a bunch of anchors tried to send the idea that Mass Effect was some sort of sci-fi porn game, and they didn’t even play the game.

How about something more recent? When out of nowhere there was an anti-gamer campaign painting us as a racist, bigoted and homophobic dying culture?

Not to mention all those times videogames have been used as scapegoats when something bad, happens from Columbine to Sandy Hooks.

The point is, there’s no point in getting angry over what some random celebrity says about our hobby, especially when there’s people out there who really have something against us. We managed to get past Jack Thompson, we managed to get past Fox News, we can surely get past some tv show host whose demographic we aren’t even in.

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