Official Mouse and Keyboard support still on the cards for Xbox One

Mouse and KeyboardIt’s something that keeps cropping up and yet seemingly never materialises but once again Phil Spencer has hinted at official Mouse and Keyboard support for Xbox One in the future. There’s still no time frame attached to this particular feature being added but since it would have wide feeling ramifications one can only imagine that Microsoft are testing the crap out of it.

Whilst it’s already possible to use Mouse and Keyboard on Xbox One it’s not a peripheral that is officially supported. It is something that Microsoft has indicated might be coming in the future and Phil Spencer has reiterated that via a tweet in reply to a question.

Spencer has put a lot of effort trying to bring  Xbox and PC gaming closer together with initiatives like “play Anywhere” and it’s led many to wonder if that would stretch to control input methods. After all if you have cross platform play then it’s only fair to give each platform the same options of controlling your game right?

Gaming Mouse

Game releases like Kerbal Space Program, Astroneer and upcoming titles like Cities Skylines and Halo Wars 2 would massively benefit from Mouse and Keyboard support and further enhance the gamers experience when playing them.

Mouse and Keyboard games


Perhaps the biggest hurdle would be with the First Person Shooter genre as a good mouse and keyboard player will always have an edge over even a good Control pad gamer due to the increased precision that the Mouse and Keyboard allows. Microsoft recently allowed PC and Console gamers play Gears of War 4 together and whilst the different control methods don’t really have massive benefits over one another in this particular game I think it does show that Microsoft are treading carefully.


On a personal note I for one would like to see the control method officially supported as it would give gamers yet another way to enjoy their games and in my experience of playing PC games with a control pad a lot of Mouse and Keyboard players massively over estimate their ability, I expect there would be some balance issues but overall i feel the benefits outweigh any negatives.

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