Mortal Kombat XL announced, includes everything

mortal kombat xlLast April, Mortal Kombat made a triumphant return to the scene, with its most gruesome, action packed outing yet. With the addition of microtransactions, fans were weary, but the game itself still turned out to be a klassic game in the series. A Game of the Year version has now been announced.

Mortal Kombat XL offers the ultimate Mortal Kombat X experience that includes the main game and all kontent featured in the upcoming Kombat Pack 2. Also included with Mortal Kombat XL, you will find all previously released downloadable kontent from the original Kombat Pack.

Kombat Pack 2 has yet to be released, but is included in the bundle.

It will include Tri-Borg, Bo’ Rai Cho, Alien and Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies. Further details are unknown at this time.

Kombat Pack 1 consisted of the following kontent, also included with Mortal Kombat XL:

  • The Ultimate Horror Pack:
  • Playable character Jason Voorhees
  • Horror skins Vampiress Mileena, Kraken Reptile and Pharaoh Ermac
  • The Klassic Pack 1:
  • Playable character Tanya
  • Klassic skins for Kano, Sonya and Liu Kang
  • The Predator / Prey Pack:
  • Playable character Predator
  • Predator-themed skins Commando Johnny, Infrared Scorpion and Carl Weathers as Jax
  • The Klassic Pack 2:
  • Playable character, Tremor
  • Klassic skins for Quan Chi, Jax and Kung Lao

Mortal Kombat XL will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 4th, and PC players won’t get their own version of it, unfortunately.

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