Mortal Kombat branded beer is to be a thing

MKX mortal kombat x beerWarner Bros., Sound Brewery and Global Beverage Traders have just announced a series of beers based on the massively popular video game Mortal Kombat X. You know, because it’s a fantastic cross-over which shouldn’t even be questioned!!

The all-new beer series boasts bold flavours aimed to match the intensity and excitement of Mortal Kombat X, but you probably won’t be tasting charcoaled spleens, intestinal fluid or crush rib with a hint of spice. No, not like that at all.


“Consisting of a “Scorpion” Imperial Stout with chilies and vanilla bean; “Sub-Zero” Imperial IPA the perfect mixture of hops and malt; and “Raiden” Imperial Saison a Belgian style ale that gives you an electrifying blast of hops and CO2.”

Mortal Kombat X Beer

This new series of beers inspired by Mortal Kombat X is a limited release and available for shipping in 22oz single serve bottles (12/22 oz case).

Call me a downbeat, but after Fallout’s daftly named ‘Fallout Beer‘ and its Quantum Cola (IRL), and the smartly named Call of Duty themed ‘Black Hops‘, video game beers and beverages are a little silly. Especially as they’re extremely limited, and rather over-priced compared to your regular drink.

Elsewhere, it is rumoured that NetherRealm are working on a sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us. Probably while taste testing these beers.


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