More British tanks roll onto World of Tanks on console

world of tanks british DLCThe British rear guard is finally catching up to the action, and with it comes a few iconic tanks which many of you have been longing for on World of Tanks. Get ready for the arrival of the second British medium branch which features stalwarts like the Sherman Firefly and more!

Five new tanks have arrived on World of Tanks, which you can purchase now from the garage, as long as you have enough XP and silver. The Lend-Lease British Tanks consist of the following vehicles, starting from tier 2, and up as far as tier 5.

world of tanks british DLC


Not much to be said about this little speedster. The M2 is fast, nimble and can fire its gun at a tremendous rate!

Stuart I-IV

This Stuart variant is similar to its American cousin except it has the luxury of mounting an effective 2-pdr gun. By choosing the equip this gun, the Stuart I-IV is much more adept at engaging in direct firefights rather than scurrying around the field as a scout.


Everybody’s favorite U.S. tier IV medium tank is also joining the ranks of the British tech tree. The M3 Lee Grant is very much a tank destroyer at heart, and comes armed with capable firepower. What separates the Grant from the Lee is the fearsome British 6-pdr gun available to it, which increases the Grant’s penetration values and rate of fire!

Sherman III

What should you expect from a British Sherman? Much like the rest of the branch, these tanks combine American hulls with British armament, and that’s what makes them so fearsome! The Sherman III is very similar to the M4 Sherman in armor, mobility and firepower, as it can equip all the U.S. guns available to it. The Sherman III stands apart from its American cousin in being able to equip an upgraded version of the Grant’s 6-pdr, which can really dish out damage at an alarming rate!

Sherman Firefly

We know you’ve been waiting on this beast for a while! The Sherman Firefly is a legendary British medium that stretched the operational limits of the Sherman chassis. Capable of equipping the legendary British 17-pdr gun, the Sherman Firefly caused many wrecks during WWII, and something tells us it will likely do the same on console battlefields!

World of Tanks is free-to-play on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, and while easy to pick up and play, it requires a lot of team work and strategy. You can lose yourself for hours at a time on a Sunday afternoon while playing armchair commander, and that’s an awesome thing to admit. It’s worth checking out with friends, and a highly addictive shooter.


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