Monthly free games are good because variety!

games with gold playstation plus freeAs August draws closer, we have already gotten our official announcements regarding the PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games with Gold titles. As expected, the offerings receive a lot of negative criticism from those paying for these services, but hear me out on this one. They are more than welcome, despite not being Triple A.

Over the past few months, we have seen some games come along that haven’t exactly had stellar marketing campaigns or big budget productions. However, what they have brought us is hours of fun online with friends. One standout title that I did get great value out of, that did have a big budget was The Crew. I didn’t buy it since its release, or its Wild Run update, but boy am I having immense fun with it online with friends!

Aside from that, there have been a few awesome low key releases. Knight Squad last November was a brilliant multiplayer title, local or online. 8 players dueling over various game modes on the same screen, Bomberman style. This month on Xbox One, you had Tumblestone, a match 3 game like many others, but with the 4 player competitive battles, it has offered hours of banter, abuse, laughs and close victories. It also features a long single player ‘story’ if you want to get some practice in.

free tumblestone

In March on PlayStation Plus, Broforce most likely took over a few hours of your time, and it was probably a good time too! Some games might not have the name that says ‘This is amazing’, but it doesn’t have to. Some of the best games out there have a very dull title when you think about it.

However, this August on PlayStation, fans can look forward to a game called ‘Tricky Towers’ which will let you build a tower while also trying to knock your opponents’ towers down, so you can take the lead. Sounds simple, but it also sounds fun.

free tricky towers

What I love about these free monthly games is that it’s a break from the norm. It gives you and all your friends the opportunity to play something new, for free. Nobody can argue about not owning it, and you’re not asking someone to go buy a game based on your word, that they might not enjoy.

Put down your Call of Duties and Battlefields for an hour one evening, give Destiny a break, and hang up your football boots for an evening. Arrange a gathering at a set time some night, and just play something new. Even if it doesn’t stick, at least you tried something else, and had a laugh in the meantime.

Free games are fun, they give us new experiences, and again, they’re free! Quit complaining about them, even if you feel you’re ‘entitled’ because you’re paying for the annual service of Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus.

knight squad

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