Modify your plastic Pipboy to look like the real thing

Pipboy modificationsPerhaps you’re one of the lucky few who managed to get their hands on the Fallout 4 Pipboy Edition. Maybe you opened the box and thought to yourself “This looks too cheap and plastic-y, but I like it nonetheless”. Well, here’s a useful video to help you modify it to look more battle worn and used! It also makes it look so much cooler!

In this six minute video by Punished Props, Bill Doran runs through his process of making the Pipboy look more lively, and that although he likes the Pipboy device, it lacks in any kind of paint. It’s true, it is literally brown plastic, with some knobs and a steel lock, which is itself painted.

Although the video is awesome to watch, it looks like an expensive, time-consuming endeavor, but certainly beyond my level of artistic ability. However, the amount of work and detail put into the Pipboy results in a fantastic display piece that would make any Vault dweller proud. Have you modified your Pipboy in any way, or are you happy with how it looks? Do you wear it while playing or is it simply a display piece with the rest of your collectibles?

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