Modern Warfare bundled with new Call of Duty title

call of duty 4 infinity warfare modern warfareYesterday, a posting online of an image from the PlayStation Store revealed the supposed title of the next Call of Duty title. Its name was Call of Duty Infinity Warfare, and it it said we will hear more about the game next week. This is traditional fare, with an event announcing the title prior to E3, before we get a five minute gameplay clip during the show.

The Call of Duty news just blew out of proportion last night again, when a Target store image appeared on Reddit before quickly being removed. However, the picture was copied, saved, reposted all across the internet, and it revealed Call of Duty Infinity Warfare’s release date, as well as mentions of a remastered Modern Warfare.

call of duty infinity warfare cardFans have been longing for a remastered, or even a plain old re-release of Modern Warfare 1 and 2, two fan favourites in the years before the series started splitting the opinions of fans. Infinity Warfare is being developed by Infinity Ward (insert Infinity Wardfare jokes from here on in) and is said to be set in the far future, but in space. Already concerns have been raised, but we know Activision wouldn’t take too much of a risk which such a beloved series, and a money-spinning one as well, so don’t worry too much.

call of duty infinity warfare

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