Mod Fixes Fallout 4 Dialogue Options

Fallout 4 New DialogueFallout 4 is a great game, despite all its bugs, as you can read in our review here. However, the new dialogue system, which has always been 50 shades of perfect in the past, is utter shite this time around.

Previously, the series listed all responses where you could actually read what you were going to say, but this time around they went for the BioWare approach of 4 options and a vague idea of what you might say.

These 4 options are generally 1: asking a question, 2: being nice, 3: being a dickhead and 4: being a sarcastic twat (that’s me). It’s rather irritating when you say something completely different to what you were intending, then it blow up in your face despite you trying to do the right thing.

As you might expect, glorious mods have this already sorted on PC. Just a week after release, modders Shadwar and Cirosan have released the Full Dialogue Interface mod via Nexus Mods, which sorts this problem  by replacing keywords with the actual dialogue lines.

There are a few more annoying little things like that to be found in Fallout 4, one of which also falls on the dialogue as it doesn’t give you probability of successfully convincing someone, or what stats (if any outside charisma) are needed for it to be better. Of course, that will likely be fixed in the future too… Mods are an amazing thing!

Of course, console players will be able to avail of mods too in the future, as Fallout 4 will provide support sometime early 2016, which is definitely an option that has been needed for a long time. While I highly doubt there will be any graphical mods for console, ones such as the Full Dialogue Interface mod would be perfect, as well as the bevy of weapons and armor that will be coming its way.

What about you guys and gals? Any mods out there you like? Have you any ideas for new mods? Let us know in the comments!

Outside that, here’s a song you may or may not enjoy based on Fallout that randomly appeared in my Spotify radio while playing Fallout…*middle finger in general direction of NSA*

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