Mirror’s Edge Catalyst left our jaw hanging off our face

mirror's edge catalystAt Gamescom this morning, we finally got a better look at the reboot of Faith’s adventure in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Not only was it as athletic as the original title, it pushed the boundaries even further, showing off loads of new moves and methods of navigating, and it all looked so easy to do.

The graphics were also extremely impressive, and the sense of exploration of the city and the buildings looks astonishing. Faith proved that she’s got the speed and strength to defend herself and take down armed guards with feather-like movement, avoiding gunfire, fists and helicopters. Seeing her swing across buildings on ziplines, climbing up buildings, in through windows and sliding through air ducts, we can’t wait to experience that ourselves!

While navigating the environments, Faith had her friend Noah giving her instructions, yet Faith still acted on her own accord, making her own decisions, despite his better judgement. Faith got herself into some sticky situations, but still managed to come out on top.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on February 23rd, 2016, although that could easily change. Still, it looks promising, and true to the original title, which fans still regard as a fantastic, original experience, even after seven years.

[Source: Youtube]

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