Minecraft Windows 10 edition beta details

Windows 10 edtionWindows 10 released on July 29th, but the free upgrade is still rolling out to users around the world. Many PC players are the owners of the original Java version of Minecraft, and those who own it can claim a free copy of Minecraft Windows 10 edition while it’s in beta. This version is of course different to the others, so here’s what you need to know.

How to claim your free copy

First things first, how to get your hands on a free copy! If you own the PC version of Minecraft you should first go to Mojang  and login to your account. This should take you to your accounts page where you can download the games you own.  There should be a section under this that says Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta. You click the button that says redeem and you will be prompted to login to you Microsoft account, from there you should be able to download the game.

windows 10 edtion

If you don’t already own it, it costs $9.99 during the beta.

What’s different?

Cross-platform play is was probably the most exciting thing about the new Windows 10 Edtion, but unfortunately it’s not there at present. It will be coming soon as well as general cross-platform play between all editions. (except the Java edition) That means between all console editions and Windows 10. This means you can play with up to eight players between Windows, Xbox and Pocket Edition.. You can’t join online realms or third party servers either, but the realms option is there so I expect this will change soon.

The UI is reminiscent of Pocket Edition and the same bricks are available to you. The world is larger, so at the moment it’s like a super Pocket Edition. Remember this IS a beta and Mojang plans to unite all the editions so expect the Windows 10 edtion to catch up with Xbox One at some stage. Graphics are better than the Pocket Edtion and there are some extra things you can place in creative mode such as mob spawners.

There are other downsides such as no mods, and if you don’t have a 64-bit processor you sadly won’t be able to play this at the moment. That said, it’s early days yet, and there are some great mini-games on realms that the editions could really benefit from!

What would you most like to see on Minecraft Windows 10 Edition?

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