Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 2 Rolling Out Today!

minecraft story modeTelltale Games have stealth released the second episode for Minecraft: Story Mode in North America, with European release coming this Friday, the 30th of October.

The second episode is available on all platforms, coinciding with the retail release on disc, and have released a trailer giving us an idea of what to expect.

This came as a big surprise to many considering it’s highly unusual for a Telltale game, or episodic games in general, to release episodes so closely together, but it is definitely a welcome sight as nobody wants to wait several months, with multiple delays, just to finish a game (they probably already paid for).

The first episode was fun, but had quite a few issues mainly since it’s the embodiment of a Telltale game, and suffers a lot due to that. The huge amount of projects the developers are working on with little variation is starting to take it’s toll on the player, as the lack of originality, which isn’t helped on by the fact that none of these IP’s are theirs, is becoming stale.

The huge amounts of QTE’s were unnecessary, poor animation was hidden thanks to Minecrafts blocky style, and the timer on everything you say makes you force decisions, even though 99% of them (possibly 100%) made absolutely no difference, with only a slight changes in dialogue. Dialogue was cringeworthy too, but that’s part of it’s charm in my opinion, and while not great (as you can see from my many complaints), I still enjoyed my time it, because… it was fun!

You may have a different opinion on the first episode, so let us know your thoughts of it in the comments! Hopefully the second episode will change my opinion.

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