Minecraft Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Edition gets Redstone Specialists

minecraft redstone specialistsMinecraft’s first major update of the year, the Overworld Update on Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition”Beta and Minecraft: Pocket Edition is rolling out now, and bringing new redstone components with it. Also, now that there are so many redstone goodies to play with in-game, players can have their character look the part of a redstone master, with a new pack of skins called the Redstone Specialists.

Two of the redstone skins have been designed following inspiration from the community, the Composer and Artisan skins, which are available for free to download. The remaining 13 scientists and creators are available to purchase for $1.99 or local equivalent.

Minecraft Redstone Specialist update

The update also adds a ton of new gameplay functionality with additional redstone components, armor-dyeing, item frames, maps, slime blocks, wearable pumpkins, and more hostile mobs with the addition of witches and chicken jockeys. You can also import and export maps and grab 170 new Gamerscore across eight new achievements.

[Source: Xbox Wire, Press Release]

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