Minecraft Fallout Edition departs the Vault

minecraft fallout editionMinecraft, a game that spurs on kids and adult creativity continues to roll out regular new content, whether new ways to enjoy the game, new packs full of creative new building blocks, and mash-up packs like Halo and Mass Effect. Fallout is the next game to feature as a mash-up pack, and it looks great!

The first thing you will notice is just how grim the Fallout-like world looks in Minecraft. The blocky browns and greys, blacks and navy. Building vaults underground should please a bunch of Fallout and Minecraft fans, so it’s a superb idea.

The update will be launching on consoles in the coming days, and will include 44 skins based on beloved characters from the series, including the likes of Fawkes the philosophical supermutant; robo-sleuth, Nick Valentine; Tinker Tom; Paladin Cross; Jangles The Moon Monkey and Vault Boy himself.

The UI has been given a retro-futuristic overhaul in honour of Fallout’s wristmounted computing device, the Pip-Boy! The mash-up also comes with a soundtrack combining familiar tunes from across the Fallout series.

The pack will soon be available for $5.99 USD or 30 bottlecaps (not really) for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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