Minecraft to bring competing consoles together in cross-platform

MinecraftWhile Rocket League developer Psyonix have been the most notable studiocampaigning for cross-platform gaming on modern consoles, it looks like the saga is taking another turn this week, with Minecraft itself getting involved!

According to some tweets posted by the official Minecraft Twitter account, Minecraft will be allowing cross-platform functionality, not just from console to pc, but from console to console. There’ s been a lot of talk of cross-platform gaming this year, with Psyonix and even The Witcher 3 developer CD Projekt RED getting on the band wagon.

Minecon took place just last weekend, and there have already been a few stories and details about new features for various iterations of the game, including Boss mode for PC players. One of the features revealed earlier this year was Realms, which would allow multiple players to connect to a persistent world and work on projects together, either at the same time, or separately. All changes would be seen by all players. Realms, once available on all platforms, could allow this potential cross-console match up.

A tweet was posted more recently today, which you can see above, but the image below is the most interesting one. It was tweeted and deleted, instead replaced by the above image. Is cross-platform gaming between the Xbox and PlayStation on its way?

minecraft cross-platform

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