Microsoft’s Hololens will let you stream games onto… anything

HololensWindows 10 has been with us for a good few weeks now allowing Xbox One owners to fully utilise the feature that allows them to stream Xbox One games to their PC screens using the Xbox app. It’s a great little feature especially for those who share a television with those who like to ruin our lives by demanding control of said TV screen to watch X-Factor, Hollyoaks or other highly undesirable TV programmes.

But it seems as if the idea of Streaming your console to another device was only the beginning of Microsoft’s plans to utilise streaming. Imagine being able to project your Xbox One onto anything. A wall, a ceiling or for that matter any surface big enough to use as a TV screen.

Microsoft Project Manager Varun Mani has shown us just exactly how the global giant intends to do just that in a video, by using the in-development Augmented Reality technology Hololens. Using the device, Mani streams Halo 5: Guardians onto the wall next to him simply by turning his head. Effectively removing the need for a screen at all. Take a look for yourself:

Given what we’ve seen so far it’s really difficult to comprehend exactly what the guys over at Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will think of next. Though it’s needless to say, it’s a great time to be gamer, the possibilities that Augmented and Virtual Reality technology brings to the table are literally endless.

However, what we will say is although this technology has been in development for the best part of a few years, it’s always worth holding onto some reservation. With new technology comes new barriers that must first be overcome and thinking back to ten years ago, we could only dream that this technology would exist in the world today. We can only hope that the responsibility of bringing these features to market is in the right hands. We’re confident… Are you?

[Source: Youtube]

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