Microsoft’s Hololens headset will be fully wireless

HololensAfter months of anticipation since it’s full reveal during Microsoft’s 2015 E3 press conference, Microsoft have finally released some spec details on their up-coming augmented reality headset, Hololens. And oh dear… It’s off to a bit of a bad start given that it’s just been revealed as a fully wireless device. Meaning long-term battery life may be something to be desired among its user.

As any keen tech-head will tell you, wireless devices, while practical, often have to make annoying sacrifices in the connection reliability and battery life fields to be fully functional as wireless devices. Which is probably why the announcement has generated an albeit negative mood among those who were anticipating the launch of Microsoft’s augmented reality headset. Unfortunately that hasn’t been helped by the speculation of estimated battery life. Which has been estimated at just two and a half hours on heavy use by a lot of the big name media outlets. Hololens

However, the reality of the situation is that this is all pure speculation, as Microsoft have officially announced that with regular use the battery will allow for up to five and a half hours and, like most modern-day devices, will probably allow for charging during use… We hope.

Further details were shared in that Hololens may not be limited to use with Windows devices and will fully utilize Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology to be used with a variety of devices that also support these options. Which is pretty much everything including your central heating nowadays… Isn’t it? It certainly opens up a wide range of possibilities when it comes to the augmented reality headset, provided enough developers get Hololenstheir hands on the dev-kits. Which have also been announced to cost $3,000 in the United States with the first expected to ship in March. No word the consumer version yet, we’ll be sure to keep our ears to the ground with that one.

In terms of display size a Microsoft evangelist has recently been quoted in saying that the augmented reality display represents sitting two-feet away from a 15 inch monitor and if you know anyone else who owns a headset, you will be able to connect to one another via Wi-Fi. Meaning multiple users can link their displays together collaboratively view the same thing at the same time from across the world.

[Source: Digital Trends]

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