Microsoft shifts 1 million Elite Controllers

Elite ControllersSince the launch of the Xbox One and PS4, we’ve seen some pretty impressive milestones hit in terms of sales. Both Microsoft and Sony have done very well in terms of their sales of the consoles themselves, but we don’t really hear about some of the sales of additional products such as games and accessories you can purchase for your consoles.

Back when the Xbox One Elite Controller was announced during E3 2015, many believed that the hardware would carry a hefty price tag, and they were right, shortly after the retail price of the controller itself was announced and listed at £129. Now there’s no escaping the facts, that’s a lot of money and places the Elite Controller right at the top of the list when it comes to premium accessories. The appeal with this controller however, is that it comes straight from the company that makes the console it was designed for.

Of course, there are more expensive controllers out there, but very few if any of those are sold at high street level. Which is probably why Microsoft’s premium Xbox One controller has been so successful among Xbox and PC gamers alike despite many believing that the price would put a lot of people off. Fortunately for Microsoft, in this case the skeptics were wrong, and yesterday Xbox boss Phil Spencer announced via Twitter that Microsoft have shifted 1,000,000 units since launch. In celebration of the milestone, the 1,000,000th unit has been shipped baring a special inscription as seen below. Elite Controllers

It’s worth noting of course that the milestone itself probably doesn’t reflect units sold at high-street and online retail level and is likely a reflection of units shipped. That said however, 1,000,000 units, they must have got something right and we don’t want to take anything away from what is an absolutely fantastic achievement from Microsoft.

[Source: Eurogamer].

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