Microsoft reveal Xbox One “Elite” controller at E3 2015

Xbox One Elite ControllerJust moment ago, Phil Spencer appeared on stage at this years Xbox E3 conference announcing several new features coming soon to the Xbox One. Among other things, the Xbox One will be getting a new controller for the more battle hardened gamer. The controller itself looks considerably more complicated than what we currently have on the market and comes as a huge surprise given the only thing we’ve heard in regards to new accessories, is the recently released new version of the standard controller. That features a new headphone jack.

The Elite Controller however seems to feature a hell of a lot more, including additional paddles on the back as well as a host of other features. The trailer featured, paid close attention to some of the finer details, such as how the controller itself has been revamped to allow for finer measurements of precision throughout. The controller also features also include new grips, inter-changeable buttons and the ability to re-map controller commands as well as hair lock triggers to better suit the way you play.

The trailer shown specified on how the controller is suited to a variety of games highlighting games like Killer Instinct and Forza, Phil Spencer went on to mention a launch window of “Holiday 2015” but as is usually the case with E3 presentations, no price was given. We think it’ll be safe to assume it’s expensive.

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