Microsoft Rename Xbox Music and Xbox Video

Groove Music MicrosoftMicrosoft have announced that they will be renaming the music and video apps previously known as Xbox Music and Xbox Video ahead of the Windows 10 launch.

Now, Xbox Music will be known as ‘Groove’, somewhat making me think Microsoft is that middle-aged dad trying to act cool in order to reconnect with his daughter who’s been growing distant. Xbox Video also sees the name change and will now simply be known as Movies and TV.

This, no doubt, will be implemented with Windows 10. It makes sense too since Windows 10 will be a unified operating system across several different platforms. I for one don’t want to be on my windows phone (if I had one), or PC and see Xbox plastered all over them, as it would only feel like cheep marketing. In fact, it would probably deter me from buying an Xbox…. If I didn’t already own one.

These changes should appear in autumn when the Xbox One will be seeing a massive UI overhaul.

Windows 10 is only a few weeks away, and I am very excited to see all the fuss. Just don’t ever bring back Games for Windows Live… ever… again… What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!


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