Microsoft quitting the gym and closing down Xbox Fitness

xbox fitnessMicrosoft has announced that it will no longer support the Kinect-friendly Xbox Fitness app going forward. As of July 2017, the app will be closed forever, which is an unfortunate situation. I didn’t use it too often myself, I’m not the gym-going guy either, but the time I spent with it was fantastic.

In a year’s time, the service will be gone, but as of June 27th, two days ago, you can no longer buy content for the workout experience. You have until December to install it for free, but after that, the opportunity will be lost, and any premium content purchased will no longer be accessible come this time next year.

Xbox Fitness was a great idea, especially if you had the space in your gaming room to take advantage of it. Using Kinect, the app could detect which parts of your body are getting a workout, and it would count your calories and heart rate while you sweated away.

  • Beginning today, June 27, 2016, Xbox Fitness content will no longer be available for purchase. For existing users of Xbox Fitness, the content you’ve purchased will be available to play for a year, through June 30, 2017.
  • On December 15, 2016, we will be removing our “Free with Gold” offer.  Until then, Gold members will still be able to access and play the over 30+ workouts available for streaming as a part of this offer for free.
  • On July 1, 2017, Xbox Fitness (and all associated content) will no longer be available for download/play. This includes content you’ve purchased. At that time, Xbox Fitness will no longer be available for download from Xbox Marketplace and content will not be available for play from the Xbox Marketplace nor within the game. Xbox Fitness users will no longer be able access Xbox Fitness and the associated workouts/programs.

I’m sure there are many out there who take advantage of this app, which is ideal for stay home parents to keep in shape while looking after the kids. It’s also great for those who may have social anxieties and want to try look and feel good. I wish Microsoft would go back on this decision.

[Source: Microsoft Studios]

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