Microsoft Purchase Konami

konami logoIn what is  quite possibly the biggest gaming news of the last decade, Microsoft have acquired Konami.
Phil Spencer, head of Xbox , made the announcement during a conference call with Microsoft’s board of directors from his home in Washington last night.Chairman of the board, John Thompson, spoke with BBC Radio 1 this morning with Breakfast Show host Nick Grimshaw.

“Last night, at 8pm Eastern Time, Microsoft officially acquired Konami for $1B US Dollars. That’s $350m more than their net worth. We truly feel that this was a very generous offer and we look forward to a healthy, profitable future.”

Host Nick Grimhaw went on to say how huge this news is and question the logic behind the purchase.

“This is quite possibly the biggest thing to have happened in the gaming world since the introduction of 3-D graphics. Do Microsoft plan on making future Metal Gear releases exclusive to Microsoft platforms?”

“I can’t comment on that particular series of games, but who knows what the future holds? There will definitely be Windows and Xbox exclusive games in the future. “

Efforts were made to get a response to the announcement from Konami Kagemasa Kozuki, but he was reportedly too busy celebrating by doing the Gangnam Style dance on his desk. He reportedly danced for four straight hours. We expect an official statement on his behalf will be made some time today.

Stay tuned to 4-One Gaming for more updates as this story most likely doesn’t develop. April Fools! 😉

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