Microsoft officially announce Project Scorpio

project scorpioMicrosoft want to taking console gaming to the next level, and to do that, they have officially revealed the rumoured Project Scorpio console; a beefier version of the Xbox One which will allow for true 4K gaming, but it might not be so affordable.

What’s unfortunate too is that in the same E3 media briefing, Microsoft started the event by revealing the Xbox One S, the slimline console that offers 4K video playback and a 40% drop in console size. That machine will launch this August, but has already been made obsolete by the announcement of Project Scorpio.

Phil Spencer stated that team Xbox contacted developers to ask them what they would want to see within this new console. With the dawn of VR upon us, high powered hardware is a necessity to run the games, as well as help avoiding nausea with any dips in performance and frame rate. The announcement trailer featured the likes of Todd Howard from Bethesda, and DICE staff amongst others either first or third party.

Project Scorpio will boast a GPU featuring 6 teraflops of computing power, as well as an 8-core CPU. The specs even made some say “Wow, they’re really going for it”.

Spencer also drove home the fact that games will work across all three platforms; the Xbox One, the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio, whatever it will be called next year. The work involved for the developers is probably daunting, but with this shift in gaming technology, it will either take off, or drive gamers and developers over to PC full time.

How much will the console cost though, and how eager will fans be to invest in a console so soon after picking up their Xbox One since December 2013? Project Scorpio has a release date penned in for Holiday 2017.

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