Microsoft needs Sony’s help with cross-network play

console wars cross network playIt takes two to tango online, as the saying goes, and following Microsoft’s amazing announcement this week about opening up to cross-platform play, it now rests on Sony to make it happen.

“Most of you probably noticed that we made an announcement saying that we’re now enabling cross-network play support. So if a developer wants to cross game networks, we’ll support them on our side,” explained Jason Roland, Head of the Xbox Advanced Technology Group.

“Obviously we need support from the other supporting networks, but we’re working with the first wave of titles on this and we’ll start releasing titles very soon that show the ability to actually cross networks together.”

With Windows 10 under Microsoft, they have that base covered already, but once Sony give the endeavor the green light, gamers will be the ones reaping the rewards. It is certainly a fantastic idea for the less than Triple A titles out there who may struggle to retain their player base. We’ve all tried playing an older title, struggling to find a lobby of players to connect with. Sure I couldn’t even find players on Call of Duty 3 a few years back when I finally gave the game a go.

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“From a developer’s perspective, this is really about increasing the player pool – making sure that you have the largest audience possible. That you’re not letting your ecosystem be restricted by whether they bought it on PC, or they bought it on Xbox, or they bought it on another console.

“We want to give [developers] the tools to make sure [they] have the largest player base possible and [they] can keep that player base engaged in [that] franchise,” added Roland.

Following Microsoft’s announcement, Gamespot contacted Sony regarding the matter, and Sony said “PlayStation has been supporting cross-platform play between PC on several software titles starting with Final Fantasy 11 on PS2 and PC back in 2002. We would be happy to have the conversation with any publishers or developers who are interested in cross platform play.”

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No mention of Microsoft itself, but it looks as if Sony is open to discussion with those making the games. If Rocket League is the first title since Final Fantasy XI to allow cross-network play(which for the record, worked outside of Xbox Live, being the only game to bend Microsoft’s network rules), it will be a huge feat and one that Psyonix will gloat about forever, obviously!

Imagine the possibilities though! Developers could actually make an official console wars game, with Xbox One players on one side, and PlayStation 4 players on the other. Even make it a three way and throw the PC players in there for more mayhem! Let’s just restrict the control inputs to controller only, ok? 😉

Anyone here against cross-network play?

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