Microsoft are working on making Xbox 360 games purchasable on the Xbox One

Xbox 360It’s all well and good being able to play some of your old Xbox 360 games on a new system, but what about those games that you wanted to play but never got your hands on? Well ever since backwards compatibility went live on the Xbox One, it’s been the biggest complaint of the respective community. As currently, there’s no way to purchase some of those old titles directly on the Xbox One.

Thankfully Microsoft are working to fix this problem by giving previous generation games their very own place on the Xbox One’s store. This was confirmed by Phil Spencer during a question and answer session on Twitter, when he tweeted the following after being presented with a plea from a fan who wanted to purchase Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One:

“We’ve heard this request and are working on a solution.”

As always it’s great to see Phil Spencer doing what he does best, but if anything it’s even better to see that Microsoft are taking the community seriously when it comes to bringing Xbox 360 games to the Xbox One. Hopefully we’re just as pleased with the costs of previous generation games. Unfortunately, we currently have no information in regards to when this feature will be made fully available, however for now there is a solution that doesn’t require an Xbox 360. Xbox 360

Anyone looking to buy Xbox 360 titles that don’t have access to an older-generation console can simply head over to and make their purchases there, though it is worth checking whether or not the title is on the list of games that can in fact be used on the Xbox One. Kind of really raises questions as to why people are complaining about it in the first place really… Doesn’t it?

Regardless it’s a feature that’s in the works and it does at least give us an opportunity to address the community. What Xbox 360 titles would you be willing to purchase to play on the Xbox One? Let us know below.

[Source: Pure Xbox, Twitter]


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