Microsoft announce partnership with PayPoint in the United Kingdom

PaypointPayPoint, one of the UK’s most recognized digital voucher retailers has officially signed a deal with Microsoft to include Xbox Live credit as part of its product range. Meaning UK residents now have the ability to walk into one of 28,000 affected convenience stores, and purchase Xbox Live credit. A handy feature for those who prefer purchasing Xbox Live over a counter as opposed to online.

To the vast majority of you, and those of you outside of the UK of course, this news is probably meaningless. But to a significant enough number of people, what it means is… Well… Convenience. Before the deal was signed, purchasing Xbox Live credit meant either having to travel to dedicated retailers, such as GAME or other high-street stores, or big chain Supermarkets, such as Tesco or Asda to purchase pre-paid voucher codes. Now you’re able to pop down your local shop, and stick a tenner on your Xbox. Just as if you were topping up the leccy meter.

Commercial Director of PayPoint Lewis Alcraft said:

“Digital vouchers are the perfect solution for consumers who either don’t have access to a debit or credit card or who simply prefer to pay in-store with cash.Paypoint

“We are committed to working with the biggest and most popular consumer brands to help encourage customers through the doors of our retail partners.”

Whereas Xbox views the partnership as a means of extended their reach to customers who want to play Online games but prefer to remain committed to cash purchases as opposed to online shopping.

Recent research headed by security firm G4S recently showed that while the vast majority of consumers in the countries subjected to the study preferred using none cash payments (such as Debit of Credit card payments) there is still a significant number of people who prefer more traditional cash payments. Meaning there’s still a large market there for Microsoft to tap into with the deal.

PaypointThe problem is however that while Paypoints in the UK are pretty much littered in populated areas, they are generally used for utilities such as prepaid Gas and Electricity metres, as well as pay as you go mobile phones. Internet shopping can also grant certain benefits that physical retailers are unable to content with, discounted pre-paid vouchers and loyalty bonus’ for example.

[Source: Essential Retail]

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