Micro Machines making a come back?

micro machines world seriesLast year, Codemasters released a version of Micro Machines for iOS, and it looks like a full on console version may be in the works for release this year. This is superb news for fans who enjoyed the racing series back in the 90s, and a revival is surely exciting news for many!

However, it could be a case that we’ll be seeing a port, or an upgrade of the mobile game on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with mentions of a PC release included. That said, there’s no reason why Codemasters would drop the ball on this and release a lackluster port.

Dubbed Micro Machines World Series, all we have available is the box art and a pre-rendered screenshot, but aside from that, it’s great news and something I personally would jump at the chance to play again. For those not in the know, Micro Machines is a top down multiplayer racing game set in domestic environments such as kitchens, gardens, bathrooms, basements and more. One famous circuit back in my day (when we had dinosaurs as pets, not dogs) involved dragsters doing laps of a toilet seat. Fun times!

micro machines world series

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