MGSV Quiet Save Bug Fixed on PC and PS4

Metal Gear Solid VKonami have confirmed that a gamebreaking bug causing save files to corrupt when Quiet was used on certain missions has been fixed on the PC and on PS4.

Konami tweeted that the bug, which affected the missions 29 and 42 when Quiet was used as a buddy, shouldn’t be an issue anymore, and now that the cause has been found the “Quiet Bug” on other platforms should be fixed very soon.

Konami have also said that server issues which have plagued the games online, as well as causing significant delays when using the iDroid, are being looked into, and a fix should roll out on all platforms soon. This has been one of the larger issues of the game, and a reason why I’d recommend to always play the game in offline mode (just go into the pause menu and turn online off). We have had several patches since release aimed at this, with little to no change on stability. Thankfully, Metal Gear Online won’t be out for a while so hopefully these issues will be solved sooner rather than later.

Have you been hit with this “Quiet bug” causing your save to corrupt? Have you been annoyed with the online stability issues? Let us know in the comments!

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