Metroid fans petition to have Federation Force cancelled

metroid prime federation forceBack in the day, when we didn’t like a game, we wouldn’t buy it. With modern social media, we have the ability to insult others who like it, while dismissing the game and slandering it. We’re not fans of that, personally. Nowadays, it seems petitions to have a game cancelled is the new ‘in’ thing, being utilized this week in regards to Nintendo’s recently revealed Metroid Prime: Federation Force.

A petition has appeared online created by a user by the name of Gilbert Manzanarez, who talks about what Metroid means to him, how long the series has been around, and that the potential for a new Wii U follow-up was highly anticipated by fans, before bringing up Federation Force.

“What we got however is a disgrace of a game with the name “Metroid” slapped on the title. It has no elements at all of what Metroid is about and its a disrespectful manner to old and new fans of the series of showing them that the Metroid franchise is not dead afterall. This is not the Metroid we asked Nintendo to make. We should let Nintendo know what we really think of the game and make them actually LISTEN to their fans for once. Help us stop this atrocity of a game from bearing the beloved Metroid franchise name and make Nintendo halt production on it.”

As pointed out in the petition, the video under Nintendo’s Youtube channel has a large amount of thumbs down ratings, which right now stands at just under 50,000, whereas 5,000 fans have given it a thumbs up. It certainly doesn’t look like a Metroid title, but is this the right way of going about telling Nintendo how unhappy you are with their new game? Not at all. Do fans have a point though, about it not being very Metroid-like? Very much so. The petition currently has over 12,000 signatures at the time of writing.

Sure, it’s Nintendo’s own IP and they can do what they want with it, but with such a negative fan outcry about their dislike for such a title, is that the marketing feedback they would want, in order to let them know whether this game would be a success or an expensive failure? Numbers talk, but then again, the internet is rife with negativity across social media, so the vocal minority might slate the game, but couldn’t there be a large following who remain silent, and eagerly anticipate the game? It’s up to Nintendo to find that out for themselves.

As a 4 player co-op 3DS title, it could be fun. Graphically, Federation Force doesn’t look ground-breaking, in fact it looks rather similar to a dated N64 title, having just watched the trailer again. It’s an interesting scenario, and I’m hoping that this doesn’t become the norm for newly announced titles, with ‘entitlement’ from fans determining whether a game should be made or not.

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