Metal Gear Voice Actress Now Says Kojima Not Fired… Yet

KojimaUghhhh… One day I hope that people will be clear and concise, but this stuff between Konami and Kojima continues to be about as clear as mud.

Last week, Voice Actress Donna Burke claimed that Kojima has been fired, but since has said that this was a mistake, following Konami’s response saying that she was “categorically incorrect”.

Donna Burke posted on Facebook saying:

“I agree, Konami- I should be more accurate.

“Don’t throw away the last 5 years because Konami changed the contract status of a genius”

Konami is correct in that Kojima has not actually been fired. As I stated previously he and his team are still working hard on getting the game out. My sincere apologies to Konami, Hideo Kojima and the fans for giving the wrong impression.

Metal Gear Solid: Phantom PainI was trying to add my voice to Otsuka-san pleading with the fans to not abandon MGSV because of the stuff happening at Konami and to throw my support behind Kojima and everyone who has worked over the last five years and is working to make this game the greatest ever.

This is true.

Kojima himself confirmed in a statement that he was still “100% involved” in the completion of The Phantom Pain, and was “determined to make it the greatest game I’ve directed to date.”

So my apologies for upsetting you all.”

However, before that she did say on Facebook that the Gamespot article saying Kojima will be leaving after Metal Gear Solid V is released was correct. She does still urge gamers to play the game, saying not to “desert the team” and the game will be “worth the wait”.

mgs2“This article is accurate. However be assured that MGSV has been made, it is ground breaking, breath taking in its scope and the team that made it is still in place putting the finishing touches to it at Roppongi Midtown up the road from my studio. It’s just such a shame that in these few months before the release when the team should be ramping up publicity, joyfully communicating with fans, building up the excitement etc, they have to deal with this…Fans unite! Make Kojima Productions proud of you and don’t desert the team when they need your support the most. In the end, the game you will play will be worth the wait and the blood, sweat and tears they have put into it..”

In a whole month, we are still at the same conclusion, yet Konami seem adamant not to let us know the facts. As a massive MGS fan, I will be buying the game regardless, because I can see the work put in by an amazing team, but we can all clearly see what is going on. Konami, save yourselves and us a massive headache and just tell us the truth, because the sooner it comes out the better. We know the story, and dragging it on will not do you any favors.

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