Metal Gear Survive TGS gameplay trailer

metal gear surviveAfter the shocking announcement of Metal Gear Survive by Konami at PAX recently, a new trailer has been released during the Tokyo Game Show in Japan. This is the first Metal Gear title post-Kojima so as you can expect, there is much hesitation and disdain for it already.

The game sees you and friends take on the roles of Mother Base soldiers, who were zapped through a wormhole and into an alternative dimension. However, they didn’t arrive there alone, and other out of this world beings begin coming through worm holes, which look hungry. And you look tasty.

Killing enemies will let you harvest them for materials, and you can send them back to your base using ‘wormhole extractions’. Yep, this game is going to include some weird features. You will also have to find other crafting materials, which will let you develop defences such as barricades, gun placements and other stuff to help prolong your life. It actually looks pretty good, save for the fact that it’s a Metal Gear game. Call it something else, and we have a potentially great co-op zombie survival title.

Watch the 15 minute trailer, and let us know what you think of it, either as a Metal Gear game or otherwise.

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