Metal Gear Solid V’s Cut Ending and Abandoned Ideas

Metal Gear Solid VYoutuber HyperBitHero has put together a 13 minute video showing what was missing or cut from the final release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

The video is very well made, and discusses parts of MGS V which were either cut from the game’s development, or weren’t ready in time for the game’s release. It goes without saying that this video will include SPOILERS, so if you haven’t finished The Phantom Pain yet, maybe you shouldn’t watch this. We won’t mention any of what’s included in the video either. If however, you have finished the game and feel like something was amiss, or didn’t match up, this may be the video for you.

As HyperBitHero says on his Youtube video, “A cool robot arm can’t hide this phantom pain!”

Tell us what you think. Did you feel the game was missing something, or that it was badly put together? Reviews for the game have been fantastic all round, yet seeing a video like this really makes us question things.

[Source: Youtube]

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