Metal Gear Solid V Sell 5 Million Copies

Metal Gear Solid VKonami have announced it’s latest financial report that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has sold 5 million copies, and that number should only increase in the run up to the holidays.

Konami have not said on whether or not the game was profitable. Reports prior to launch put the game around the 80 million mark in development costs, so 5 million units should be more than enough to push the figures north of that.

The 5 million figure includes downloads of the game, and Konami are probably making a fair share from DLC and… ughh… Microtransactions. Hopefully they aren’t making money from FOB Insurance.

Konami also released PES 2016 recently, but failed to share how many copies of the game sold. The Konami Digital Entertainment division revenue for the first half of the fiscal year (ending in September) was 51.7bn yen (£280 million), resulting in a profit of around 12.7bn yen (£68 million), up from last years 7.4bn.

Reports suggest Konami are leaving the Triple-A gaming scene, moving the company focus to mobile, but the company denies these claims saying core gaming is still part of their plans. They recently reiterated that again.

“As for computer and video games, we intend to continue global introduction of titles that have been carefully chosen according to selection and concentration.”

As for their mobile ventures, Jikkyou Pawafuru Puroyakyu has been downloaded 17m times in less than a year, which shows one reason why they wish to focus more on mobile.

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