Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Reviews are Coming In!

MGSV-TPP-Snake-KnifeFor any of you waiting on the reviews to decide whether or not to pick up Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, well good news as the review embargo has lifted and thoughts are flooding in!

So what’s the take… Well, as many of you know I’m rarely wrong about a game, and going by these reviews MGSV could be the best Metal Gear Solid game to date!

Here’s a list of gaming websites and their scores, so pick out the ones you trust and be as informed as possible before making a decision on whether it’s for you or not. NOTE that these reviews are for the single-player component only, and some will be updated come full release on September 1st to include multi-player.

  • IGN – 10/10 – “A gameplay marvel, rewarding intelligence and creativity in a way few games do. “
  • GameSpot – 10/10 – “The Phantom Pain may be a contender for one of the best action games ever made, but is undoubtedly the best Metal Gear game there is.”
  • Daily Dot – 5/5 – “This is one of those rare instances where marathoning a game series is more meaningful after the latest sequel is released, not before.”
  • Destructoid – 9/10 – “Time disappears when this game and I are together, and I never want it to end.”
  • EGM – 9.5/10 – “If this is Hideo Kojima’s final game, then he is stepping out at the top floor of the industry.”
  • Press-Start – 9/10 – “From the start, I was hooked, despite this being my first foray into the Metal Gear franchise.”
  • GameTrailers – 9.3/10 – “Decades later, it’s incredible that Metal Gear can still captivate, inspire, and amaze.”
  • GameInformer – 9.25/10 – “A series can’t survive this long without evolving, and The Phantom Pain is a testament to the importance of taking risks.”

Kotaku, Polygon and GamesRadar currently have reviews in progress as they continue to try and finish the game, but their initial impressions also suggest that they will have high scoring reviews too.

The average metacritic score from reviews so far is 96/100 with the current lowest score from Italian website, being an 8.8/10.

Hope these help! If your not sure if it is for you choose a review and give it a read. If you are new to MGS, I’d recommend reading Press-Start‘s review as Raymond Gajitos is also new to the series.

Our own review won’t be until about a week after release, so look forward to that if you want my take on the game!

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