Metal Gear Solid V “Freedom of Infiltration” Gameplay Demo

Metal Gear Solid: Phantom PainAt E3 Konami showed a 40 minute gamplay demo at their booth for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and now released another 30 minute long post E3 gameplay video showing even more.

The new video, titled the “Freedom of Infiltration”, showing other ways to complete missions, how to use your companions to your advantage, as well as the different types of weapons and armor.

The first part of the video show you working together with Quiet, the female sniper who raised some controversy following her reveal (I just think she looks badass). Being a sniper, she is best at scouting ahead and taking out single targets at long range, so that is exactly what Snake sends her to do in the video. By co-coordinating shots and working together you can clear through most enemies with ease. At the end of that part, snake ran into a group of 4 enemies, which would be tough to clear through so Snakes orders Quiet to shoot the grenade when he throws it around the corner causing it land at their feet. Not only is it an awesome way to take out enemies, but solidifies my belief that Quiet is a badass (a little biased because I tend to be a sniper myself).

The second section show a surgical air raid, as well as the importance of correctly using the song Ride of the Valkyries to instill fear into the heart of the enemy. Here, Snake is kitted out with heavy body armor, an LMG and a shotgun going into combat head on, but first uses the minigun on the helicopter taking out some enemies to make the job somewhat easier. The purpose is not to kill everyone, but quickly get the job done, whether to take out a target or rescue a hostage. Because of that there is some preparation needed as you want to know the layout of the buildings and the location of the target.

The third section shows how to go about taking out a target at long range. The video doesn’t go as far as killing him with the sniper, as it takes a long time to wait for the target to be in a position to take the shot. However, they do show some new functionality to do with your bionic arm, and it is a bit out there if I do say so myself. Using the Bionic Arms Sonar, nearby enemies are marked, and can be quickly knocked out using the Blast Arm. Since the target is still kicking about, you can use the Blast Arm another way, like firing it off in rocket mode and operating it like a remote missile… yeahhhh.

The final section titled “thinking outside the box”, takes the most undirect approach we have seen completely avoiding any confrontation. This time they are starting the mission in free roam mode. Snake takes position on a hill next to a road and waits for a group of soldiers headed for the meeting. Snake then equips the most versatile tool in any serious agents inventory, the cardboard box, to slide down the hill onto the road and distract the enemy while he bursts out from the side. While two of them are heading over to the box, snake circles around to plant C4 on the lone soldiers arse. The soldiers drive off headed for the meeting, not noticing the gift snake left for them, Snake follows behind getting into position to view the meeting, distracting a guard and climbing the building on the way. After ensuring the target is at the meeting and the arse C4 is also there, snake blows the explosive and leaves the area.

As we have seen from the E3 Demo (which you can see below), there are a huge variety of ways to do missions, leaving you to go about them any way you see fit.

Being a massive MGS fan, who loves having this kind of freedom, it is only natural the MGSV is one of my most anticipated games of 2015 (tied with The Witcher 3 which we all know is amazeballs). With how much there is to do coupled with the number of ways you can approach them, there looks to be a huge amount of replayability.

What are your thoughts though? What way would you personally go about missions for the most part? Let us know in the comments!


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