Metal Gear Solid and Ford Focus cross-over advertising?

metal gear solid ford focusWhen you think of Metal Gear Solid, the last thing you think about is a Ford Focus SE or the Ford company in general. But somehow, somewhere, somebody thought that fusing the two together would make for a good marketing campaign. Can anyone help me figure this one out?

Starting off with the memorable Codec call, Colonel Campbell begins to tell Snake about the Ford Focus SE. It comes with a standard rear-view camera and an EPA-estimated 36 highway miles per gallon. Information you probably didn’t need to know, or hear Metal Gear Solid actors telling you about. The end of it is humorous though, I’ll give it that. Both videos were published on the official Ford Youtube channel, so they are definitely legit, and not a belated April Fool’s joke!

It gets worse. While you could argue that the one above is fine and somewhat suits the theme of the game, especially with the repeating of dialogue by Snake, the next advertisement is so shoe-horned in, it’s actually cringe-worthy in comparison. Psycho Mantis knows what Snake wants… obviously.

Here’s my question: Does this cross-advertising appeal to aged Metal Gear Solid fans who may be on the lookout for a new car, or would you just laugh and move along?

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