Metal Gear Rising Director Wants to Make Kill La Kill or Berserk Game

Kill La KillWe already know from E3 that Kenji Saito of Platinum Games is currently working on Transformers: Devastation, but with that out in only a few months time, what could he do next?

Well while it is unlikely that this will be his next project, it looks like he wants to take Platinum’s first dive into the world of anime, as he tweets that he wants to make a Kill La Kill or Berserk game next.

Just take my money already.

Having not watched Berserk, I would only be telling a lie if I said it was good or not, but being a fan of Kill La Kill I think it would be a great IP for Platinum to take on next. When you get past it’s rather healthy obsession with bewbs, what’s there is an awesome action comedy with a sick art style. Seriously. Go watch it. It’s on Netflix and everything.

An anime such as Kill La Kill looks like it would be a perfect fit for a Platinum game with its high speed action, so hopefully Trigger Inc. will go along with it. Bet there’s even a petition already circling the web in order to try and convince them.

There are a lot of other anime that would work great for a game, like Sword Art Online…. Without the dying in real life bit… that would suck. Is there any anime you like that you think should be made into a game? Let us know in the comments!

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