Metal Gear Online patch notes

metal gear onlineMetal Gear Online has had its fair share of issues and bugs since its release a few weeks ago. Konami have an update in the works, which will release in November. Below, you can see a list of fixes that are lined up to be rolled out.

All the patch notes so far, might be more by the time the patch hits.

– Disconnecting before matches/during them will be improved
– CQC Range Will be tweaked
– Experience pts resetting or granting you max level will be looked into (contact Konami Support if you had this bug)
– Party system improvements for remaining on the same team
– Less likely to be automatched with laggers
– No more 1 hit CQC (players will be encouraged to use CQC strategically)
– No more CQC Prompt!
– Infiltrator will be NERFED! (Health/Stamina/Stealth Duration/Stealth Cloak will Disable itself when shot)
– Infiltrators will also be easier to mark while they are in Stealth Camo
– Fulton 2 will be nerfed to be slower
– Infiltrators can score 1 hit CQC stuns with CQC Stealth lvl 2 and 3
– LMG’s/Grenade Launchers will be banned from the Infiltrator
– Shotguns will be exclusive to Infiltrator
– Elocs will be exclusive to Scouts
– Scouts will mark enemies significantly faster after the update compared to other classes
– Scouts Health will get a BUFF
– Sniper Rifle Sway will be fixed
– No more Shotguns/Grenade Launchers or RPG for Scout
– LMG and Grenade Launchers/RPG will be exclusive to Enforcers
– Enforcers health/stamina will be significantly increased.
– Sleep Nade Launcher will be nerfed
– Less Recoil for LMG

metal gear online gameplay

– LMG’s DMG against Walkers will be increased
– Buddy Link Speed will be increased
– Buddy Link will reset between rounds
– Elocators/Stun Nades/Sleep Nades can’t be carried in the same capacity anymore to avoid the spam
– You will now have 2 Boxes to be able to better use them as decoys
– Walkers will be nerfed (Health/Damage from their guns)
– Movement speed for walking will be increased and people can sprint longer distances
– Thrown Magazines will create more sound
– Cloak & Dagger rounds will now end if the last player alive gets stunned.
– Loadout timer will be increased to 15 seconds
– Killing enemies hanging from Fulton Balloons is no longer possible
– Automatching will now find enemies based on your highest lvl character and not your current selection
– Ascended players will be matched vs lvl 37 or higher
– Many more changes will come in this update (which is due in November but they will talk about the rest at a later date)

[Source: Konami, MGO League]

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