Memories of Reach DLC now available for Halo 5 Guardians

Halo 5 Guardians memories of reachHalo 5 Guardians has now received its sixth DLC expansion, with a total of eight planned overall according to the game’s schedule. Memories of Reach is filled with content that we shall look at below. It’s not a bad update either!

Memories of Reach is packed with content that includes the release of the highly anticipated Infection game mode that you may remember well from Halo 3 and onwards, the new Arena map Stasis, armor sets inspired by the legendary Noble Team from Halo: Reach, new weapons such as the Brute Plasma Rifle and Jorge’s Chaingun, additional character customizations such as emblems, assassinations, weapon skins and more.

As an added bonus, players who launch Halo 5 Guardians after the content release launch will automatically receive a “Memories of Reach Update Pack.” This free one-time pack delivers select consumable REQs from the new release for immediate use. Spartans can find the pack waiting for them in the REQ system in-game.

If you don’t mind spending real money on in-game gear, an additional “Memories of Reach REQ Pack” promotional offer will be available for 120,000 REQ Points or $14.99. Available for a limited time, the “Memories of Reach REQ Pack” unlocks three new permanent REQs, if available, selected from 12 new REQs launched with Memories of Reach. These include helmets and armor worn by Kat, Jun, Jorge and Emile, the most recognizable members of Noble Team, “Jorge’s Chaingun” weapon cert, Brute Plasma Rifle weapon cert, Helios Phaeton vehicle cert, and “Jorge’s Chaingun” stance. Each pack will also contain 12 ultra-rare or legendary single-use REQs.

Memories of Reach will include several fixes and improvements to Halo 5: Guardians based on fan feedback, including the ability to modify your matchmaking search preferences, a new Post Game Carnage Report with post-game medals and more stats, sandbox balance updates and additional Forge goodies

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